Monday, April 20, 2009

Dane Taylor & Co Pty Ltd, South Melbourne

Dane Taylor & Co Pty Ltd, South MelbourneI used to go past this charming little deco factory on my way into the city. I still go past this spot, often, but the area is unrecognisable with the Melbourne Exhibition Centre and now the new Convention Centre and Hilton Hotel filling the space.

I guess this building was demolished in the mid-1990s but I can't remember exactly. I don't even know if I knew it was art deco but it interested me enough to take a picture of it.

Looking at the picture now, I am drawn to the fabulous stepped roofline with the rounded ends and horizontal lines capped off by a pattern of vertical lines employing the rule of three.

My photo shows Dane Taylor during its final months. The buildings on the near side of the road had already been demolished so I was able to get far enough away to get a half-decent picture. You can see an out-of-focus mound of builders sand in the bottom left foreground.


  1. too bad its gone! i bet you are glad to have photos of it though

  2. Yes it was a lovely little building proving that just because it is a modest factory doesn't mean it can't have style.

  3. I have an old decimal equivalents/conversion chart from the Dane Taylor company. How can post a photo of it?

    1. I don't think Blogger allows you to add images to comments.