Monday, April 13, 2009

Dental Centre, Ranfurly

Dental Centre, RanfurleyOn the South Island of New Zealand the town of Ranfurly has reinvented itself as a centre for rural Art Deco.

One of the later buildings on the Rural Art Deco Ranfurly Walk in the Dental Centre which was built in 1950 by Teddy Woods, the first dentist in the Ranfurly area.

This is a nice little building with a stepped roofline, very simple decoration consisting of two horizontal lines running in parallel around the facade and windows set back into the corner.

Dental Centre, RanfurlyThe entrance is set back from the footpath allowing for a (modern?) ramp to be incorporated without affecting the face of the building.

The porch has a nice feature of a stepped top to the entrance.

I think the signage is a bit Hollywood but they could be a lot worse.


  1. Very nice looking compact bit of Art Deco! I hear New Zealand has quite a bit of Art Deco!

  2. Napier and near-by Hastings have got plenty but there is lots in the bigger cities Auckland, Wellington, Chrustchurch and Dunedin. Many of the smaller towns have a few deco buildings and Ranfurly has several really good ones.

  3. Old place and the centre was quite small but neat looking.