Monday, April 6, 2009

Woolworth Walk, Asheville

former Woolworth Store, AshevilleThis 1938 former F W Woolworth Co store in Asheville, North Carolina has been setup as Woolworth Walk, a space designed to showcase the works of local artists.

Inside, a classic American soda fountain has been recreated.

Not only is it excellent that the building has been reused but in a similiar way to the Hoover Building in London, the original signage has been retained.

Seen in close-up, the decoration above each of the windows on the facade is quite spectacular.

former Woolworth Store, Asheville


  1. love the close up! great pics on this

  2. Thanks Elena-Lu. It really is lovely when you se it close-up.

  3. Wow! Lovely detail there! It's amazing just how much deco is around still. We've got some real gems up here in Sydney too I think you'd like!

  4. Thanks Sam. I've been to Sydney a few times but not recently and for some reason I don't have many/any deco pics. There were quite a few Sydney buildings featured in the Art Deco Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. Some of the pubs in particular are great.