Friday, July 3, 2009

Eltham, Elizabeth Bay

Eltham, Elizabeth BayI like the way the shadows fall across the brick frontage of Eltham, this Art Deco block of flats in Elizabeth Bay in Sydney.

The building itself is asymetrical with a raised section perhaps providing access to a roof terrace. This taller area of the facade has a small vertical section with three louvre windows in the centre and a protruding semi-circular disk at top and bottom. It looks to me as if some part of the decoration is missing.

The raised section also marks a narrow wooden doorway into the flats with a very nice decorative metal grill.

Eltham Metalwork, Elizabeth Bay


  1. Lovely buildings hopefully kept intact -I hear 17 Elizabeth Bay Rd has a developer wanting to add an ugly roof extension - so sad

  2. Yes there is so much pressure to redevelop our existing stock of buildings. We can only hope that the integrity of the original design is preserved as best as possible.

  3. sadly the integrity and preservation are not to be, council gave a thumbs up to an ugly glass and further floor of the rear apartments to be added

  4. Thanks for the update Barbra although perhaps the outcome could have been better.