Friday, July 31, 2009

Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, Syracuse

Niagara Mohawk, SyracuseWe designed our two-day roadtrip from New York to Buffalo so we could stay in Syracuse overnight to see the fabulous Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation building.

The building did not disappoint us and after dinner we went back to check it out in all its floodlit glory.

Designed by Buffalo architectural firm Bley and Lyman for Niagara Mohawk's predecessor the Niagara Hudson Power Corporation, construction was completed in 1932.

Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation, SyracuseThe exterior facade features a large stainless steel figure as well as other decorative elements on the spandrels between the windows.

In the lobby there are four vitrolite panels bearing stylised murals relating to various aspects of power generation. These are titled Gas, Illumination, Generation and Transmission.

Niagara Mohawk, Syracuse

There is no doubt, however, that my camera kept returning the 'Spirit of Light' as the figure on the façade was named as a result of a competition.

Spirit of Light, Syracuse


  1. Easily one of my favorite buildings of all time. I'm thinking about moving to Syracuse specifically because of this building, in fact.

  2. That sounds a bit extreme but it is a fabulous building.

  3. So you do have the Niagara Mohawk Building here. I would have been disappointed if you didn't. I've lived in Syracuse most of my life, it's interesting to know that someone would love that building enough to want to move here.

    You ought to post photos of the building lit at night. It is spectacular!

  4. For sure zippychik, spectacular night and day.

  5. Great buildings do make people move to cities. Syracuse has plenty. I just relocated here from Brooklyn and the beautiful buildings are a part of the draw, among other things.

  6. That's fantastic. You are the example of why cities must preserve their older buildings. Some become icons and attract new citizens.

  7. Jaw-dropping stunning design. Less of those Trump buildings, and more of this kind of buildings please!

  8. every architecture student in america should be required to visit this shrine.