Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Streamline Building in Cape Town

Streamline Building, Cape Town

This streamline art deco building is in downtown Cape Town. I saw it during the 2003 World Congress on Art Deco but it wasn't part of the tour so I don't know what building it is at all.

Deco Clock, Cape TownI know where it is. Diagonally opposite Muller's Optomerists. Maybe someone from Cape Town can identify it for me.

It has this fabulous stepped clock on the corner above the verandah but looks a bit unloved.


  1. Listed fairly anonymously under "Cornerhouse, Ackermanns" in The Buildings of Central Cape Town, Vol. 2, 1978, Cape Provincial Institute of Architects. Described therein as basic international style, built ca.1935

  2. Hi again David - this is now the "Cape Diamond" hotel and is very popular with tourists (3 star?) - I have been on the roof to get some pictures of our Mutual Building on the other side of Longmarket.

  3. This was the home of 'American Swiss' - a well known jeweler in Cape Town. The building was called 'Diamond House'.

  4. Thanks for the extra info. I see where the Cape Diamond name comes from now.