Sunday, December 27, 2009

Abercrombie Hotel, Chippendale

Australian Hotel, Chippendale

I don't know why you would rename a hotel but at least the old name is still on the top of the Art Deco curved facade.

This is The Abercrombie Hotel on the edge of the former Carlton & United Breweries Old Kent Brewery site in Chippendale, formerly called the Australian Hotel. According to it was built in 1937 after the road had been widened and renamed Broadway.

The old CUB site is subject to a major redevelopment by Frasers Property and for the time being is called Frasers Broadway.

The hotel is due to close in mid-January 2010 to allow redevelopment of the site. It has been recognised as a heritage building within the overall development and will be retained. According to the plans, a new building will be erected over the top of the hotel but the Art Deco lines of the Australian Hotel will be clearly delineated.

Although the new building will sit over the top of the hotel, it is proposed there will be a clearance of 4m. This artist's impression, from the Frasers Broadway website shows how the roof terrace at the Australian Hotel could look.

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