Friday, December 11, 2009

Casa d'Italia, Montreal

Casa d'Italia, MontrealThe Casa d'Italia was built in the mid-1930s as a social centre for the Italian community in Montreal.

It was designed by Patsy Colangelo.

The main part of the building is rectangular with a semi-circular office at one end. Stylised lettering above the windows on this circular end spell out the name 'Casa d'Italia". At the other end of the building, 'Maison d'Italie' is spelt out in the same style of lettering.

Casa d'Italia, Montreal

The main entrance is placed at one end of the rectangular section of the building marked with a flagpole at the roofline and a fasces above the doorway itself.

Past the entrance the building steps out is a nicely proportioned streamline curve giving some extra width to the hall portion of the centre.

Casa d'Italia, Montreal

Nine vertical windows in three groups of three provide natural light for the hall and there are more fasces high along this side of the building.

The small foyer inside the entrance also features a fasces in the pattern of the floor.

Casa d'Italia, Montreal

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