Monday, December 7, 2009

former Synagogue, Adelaide

former Synagogue, AdelaideThis is a former Synagogue in Synagogue Place off Rundle Street, Adelaide.

When I took this photo a few years ago it was operating as Church Nightclub. A bit ironic since churches today seem to be taking many of the former entertainment palaces of the deco era, the cinema.

I don't think it is a nightclub anymore. I think it is former Synagogue, former nightclub.


  1. What an excellent building, David. I always love examining old synagogues, even if they are operating at discos or furniture shops today.

    The building is very hemmed in between its neighbours. This makes me think there may have been something else, something more ordinary, before there was a synagogue on the block. By comparison have a look at The Great Synagogue in Sydney, also in the centre of town, which dominated its space:

    So much to see (and read); so little time!

  2. Thanks Helen for your informative comment and link. If you look carefully at my photo, the roofline of the two buildings is the same. The blue building is a block of shops called Rundle Buildings in Rundle Street. I presume they were built at the same time and designed by the same architect. Perhaps the 'synagogue' had a different original purpose but then that raises the question of why the street is called Synagogue Place.
    Perhaps one of my friends in Adelaide knows the answer and can enlighten us with a bit more of the history of these buildings.

  3. Hello, found this site by way of twitter & being a fan of art deco buildings started browsing.

    Re the Adelaide synagogue in Rundle Street, the congregation moved to a newer synagogue in 1990 I think. Here's a link to the history of the building via the Adelaide Jewish Museum.

    Not sure when the nightclub stopped functioning, it was fairly recent (in past year or two) from memory. Whenever I visit Adelaide I always stroll down to Synagogue Place, it's a lovely part of Adelaidean history.

  4. Hi Desertgirl,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving such an informative comment.