Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tapestries, French Embassy, Ottawa

Once you have hung up your coat or planted your umbrella in the cloaking area just inside the main door of the French Embassy in Ottawa you are ushered into what the embassy website modestly describes as 'The Entrance Hall'. 'The Entrance Hall' easily accommodated the 80 or so guests in our party.

One of the features of this room are the large tapestries by Marcel Gromaire. The tapestries present the seasons.

Tapestry, French Embassy, Ottawa
Winter in Canada

Tapestry, French Embassy, Ottawa
Spring in Paris

Tapestry, French Embassy, Ottawa
Summer in St Malo

A fourth tapestry, Autumn in Quebec hangs in the Ambassador’s private quarters and, although he was very generous with his time and the access he gave to the rest of the embassy, we didn't get to see his private quarters.

Tapestry Detail, French Embassy, Ottawa

This last photo shows the detail of a fox from the Winter in Canada tapestry with Gromaire's name and the year 1940 in the bottom right corner.

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