Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Walthamstow Town Hall

Walthamstow Town Hall

I've just finished reading all of Steig Larsson's millennium trilogy so perhaps subconciously when I flicked across these pictures of Walthamstow Town Hall they jumped out as the subject for today's article.

Walthamstow, of course, is in east London, not Sweden. However the London Open House website describes the Town Hall, designed by PD Hepworth and built from 1937-1942, as Swedish influenced.

The eterior of the building is almost without any decoration except on the sides of the columns in front of the entrance where you will find a series of small friezes like the one of a bricklayer below.

Detail, Walthamstow Town Hall

London Open House


  1. Yes, I can definitely see the Swedish influence. I'm quite liking that clocktower, and the balcony. That frieze is unsual.