Monday, September 8, 2008

Apartments, Calais

Apartments, CalaisI've been looking through some of my older digital pics over the last few days and found some of this apartment block in Calais.

From a distance it doesn't look particularily art deco, certainly not streamline but it has some great deco details.

The decorative brick panels on the upper storey bay windows are great as is the metal work on the balcony.

At street level, however, there are a couple of gems.

Vent, Apartments, CalaisThis vent in some ways mirrors the brickwork elsewhere on the facade but takes it to a new level. The combination of straight lines and wavy lines, arranged in threes or pairs, works really well.

The decoration on the door is also fantastic. The handle and baseplate have lots of style while the metalwork is presented as a zig-zag combined with conbinations of vertical lines, short waves and and series of curves in the angles.

Door, Apartments, Calais

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