Sunday, September 21, 2008

Drinking Fountain, Jolimont

Drinking Fountain, Brunton Avenue

I've spent a fair bit of time around the Brunton Avenue area this weekend, there is a magnificent sporting ground there and I spent a good part of Friday and Saturday night there. I must say that Friday was better than Saturday but that is of little concern now.

I was back there today, Sunday, not for sport this time, more passing through on my way home, and I took notice of this disused drinking fountain on the edge of Yarra Park, very near on Brunton Avenue.

I've seen it before but never stopped to really look at it.

You tend to miss the detail flying past in the car and it isn't exactly on a busy walking route. Today I was on my pushbike so I was going slow enough to take in the decoration. Especially the carved panels above the recessed openning depicting chevrons and frozen fountain motifs.

I seem to remember there is another one of these on the pathway from Richmond Station to the MCG between Punt Road Oval. I'll have toi check it out next Saturday and see if it is the same.

Drinking Fountain, Brunton Avenue


  1. Hi, I know this is a very old post, but thought you mgiht be interested in our Walking Maps where you can create walks anywhere in Australia with photos adn poijnts of interest and embedd teh link on your site. Would love to see some walks celebrating Art Deco buildings ina cbd or neighbourhood etc. This walk is not Art Deco but is Jolimont