Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Red Sea Pension, Asmara

Red Sea Pension, AsmaraAnother example of the many Art Deco buildings in Asmara.

The sign above the door on the right reads Red Sea Pension and the building presents a sweeping curve from a central driveway.

The wings have simple windows and a continuous concrete eyebrow providing some shade.

The central driveway has curved walls each side of the entrance which are continued onto the second storey where the roofline reaches slightly higher than the rest of the building.

Each end of this raised section supports a thin metal flagpole which is often preferred in Asmara to the usual wooden ones.

Red Sea Pension, Asmara


  1. This is where I stayed for five months after returning from refugee life in Sudan in December of 1991. My window would have been further right (the third from the one on the right).
    Unfortunately, I had to head for a second exile when our dreams of a new Eritrea turned sour.
    Thank you for bringing back sweet memories.

  2. I glad there are some sweet memories for you.