Friday, September 12, 2008

Factory, Footscray

Old Factory, FootscrayI like the brickwork on this old factory in Footscray.

The use of different coloured bricks creates horizontal bands along the facade of the building.

The cream bricks have been arranged to provide the decoration. The band above the upper storey windows have bricks set on their end, angled and set back from the level of the other courses of bricks.

The band of bricks above the second level windows are much more interesting. The central band again consists of bricks standing vertically on their end but above and below this band the bricks have been laid on an angle so that the protrude from the surface of the wall crating a wonderful zig-zag pattern.

Old Factory, FootscrayIt stands out particularily at the curved end of the building. The zig-zag shadows cast on the windows are especially nice reminding me of the saw-tooth roofs used on many Australian factories.

But the most amazing brickwork can be found in the decoration at the centre of the building at the apex of the slightly stepped roofline. It consists of three triangular columns capped with a pyramid of bricks and separated by a series of columns created by angled bricks.

Truly spectacular but perhaps the most amazing thing is that it is duplicated around the corner over the loading bay.

Old Factory, Footscray


  1. This factory premises (I think the Olympic Tyre factory) are no more, and the whole site is being converted into housing.

    BUT...! The building parts that you have photographed have been preserved and are part of the development... time to head back out there Mr T!

    1. Been a while since I've been this close but I occasionally go past on the other side the the railway tracks and check out the housing development from a distance.