Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Royal Park Hotel, North Melbourne

Royal Park Hotel, North MelbourneI like this building, the Royal Park Hotel in North Melbourne.

The speedlines are really chunky and look like they are plasticine snakes stuck on the front of the building. They wrap around the the barrel of the vertical decorative elements adding to the impression they were added at a later time.

I like that the building is not square. The Howard St frontage is longer than the Queensberry St frontage.

I like the three lines at the apex of the roofline on the corner. I assume there was originally a door at street level on this corner and I'm surprised the isn't even a window there now.

I even like the mish-mash of wires, tv aerial and telegraph pole. I guess I have to like them because they are all over my picture and that is what this corner actually looks like.

I don't like the colours but they are transient and perhaps the next paint job will be better.

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  1. I agree with you about the green of this building, not the best choice! However this was over 5 years ago, hopefully it's had a makeover by now :)