Friday, September 26, 2008

Dominion Restaurant, Hastings

Dominion Restaurant, HastingsThe New Zealand town of Hastings, like the surrounding area and neighbouring town of Napier, suffered a lot of damage and loss of life during the 1931 earthquake and a major effort was required in the following years to rebuild the city.
The Dominion Restaurant was built in 1935 by Edward Anscombe & Associates and now operates as a fish and chip shop.
A lot of Hastings was rebuilt in Spanish Mission style but as you can see, the Dominion, is pure Art Deco.
The asymetrical windows either side of the entrance, curved on one side and stepped and angled on the other provide a great point of interest while the whole facade is drawn together by the green tiles and zig zag design below the windows.
It was closed when I visited Hastings but even time I look at this picture I wonder whether they have a nice booth where I can snuggle in with a huge plate of fish & chips.

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