Saturday, February 12, 2011

Gas Station, Williams

Gas Station, Williams, AZThis nice little modernist gas station is on Route 66 in Williams, AZ.

The day I visited the old fashioned pumps were chained off so I wonder if they are just for show. There is probably some public safety ordinance that forbids their use. Still it is nice to see them.


  1. Love it. I visited "Never Too Old" yesterday in Penola, South Oz. It's an antique shop with originals and repro's. They had a few reproduction petrol pumps. There's also a great vintage shop there, with all sorts of retro and art deco bits and pieces. The owner also runs a B&B which she let me look through. It had an old original art deco cocktail cabinet, with the lights that come on when the doors are opened, along with a matching wall shelf.

    Enjoy your posts and photo's, keep up the good work.


  2. Indeed that is so lovely.