Sunday, February 13, 2011

Interior, Will Rogers High School, Tulsa

Library, Will Rogers HSA while ago I wrote about Will Rogers High School, one of Tulsa's best Art Deco buildings.

The school was built as part of the Public Works Administration (PWA) programme, opening in 1939. The architects were Joseph R Koberling jr, Leon B Senter and A M Atkinson.

At that time though, I didn't show any of the interior so I propose to correct that now.

The corridors of Will Rogers High School are lined with doorways set in brownish burgundy tiled frames leading to classrooms, the library and the auditorium.

The decoration and lighting in space between the outer and inner doors at the main entrances is typical of the style features elsewhere in the building.

Entrance, Will Rogers HS

Entrance, Will Rogers HS


  1. Those interiors are terrific, but even better was the fact that the school was built as part of the Public Works Administration (PWA) programme.

    How difficult is it for public officials to grasp that in times of depression, public spending on public works is essential? Without workers having and spending a fair income, the economy will never be kick started again. Plus the community gets the facilities it requires eg well built schools.

  2. Very true Hels. And it can be extrapolited that if we send our jobs offshore (manufacturing, call centres, etc) then no-one can afford to buy the products that we used to manufacture and support domestically.

  3. Love the ceilings and that light fitting.


  4. Thanks Lisa. Not back for a High School!

  5. Great job. My wife taught here in the mid 1980's. It was just recently restored, and my wife and I were able to take a tour. In fact I have some photos up on Flickr (see homesower) but yours are better.

    I have recently posted a few of your pics (with your permission) at and