Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dorset House, London

Dorset House, LondonDorset House is a monumental block of Art Deco flats in Marylebone.

Dating from 1935, it was designed by T P Bennett and Joseph Emberton.

There are large reliefs on either side of the main entrance and the corner flats have large rounded balconies.

Dorset House, London

The complex includes shops at street level and some of the original deco shopfronts survive.

Dorset House, London



  1. Excellent David.

    Your reference says the inclusion of Dorset House in The Modern Flat, by FRS Yorke and Frederick Gibberd in 1937, places the building in the context of the modernist period.. stylistic precursor to more famous residential blocks like Highpoint by Bertold Lubetkin, Pullman Court by Frederick Gibberd and Isokon Flats by Wells Coates.

    Oh dear, more reading to get through. I don't know these architects, but they sound significant.

  2. Thanks Helen.
    These flats are huge ... 10 storeys so they must have been established architects to get that scale of work.

  3. Used in an episode of tv police programme Gideon's Way 'The Alibi Man' 1965

    1. Thanks Derek. I hate it when they put deco buildings in police dramas because I get distracted by the architecture and miss key plot elements :-)

  4. Hi David

    Just saw this gorgeous building and am grateful to you for supplying this background information. Great work.