Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maritime Museum, San Francisco

Maritime Museum, San FranciscoThe Maritime Museum in San Francisco is housed in this wonderful streamline former bathhouse in Aquatic Park.

The bathhouse was originally built between 1936 and 1939 as a WPA project and the lines of the building are as much those of a ship than any building you are likely to see.

It features some amazing Sargent Johnson murals and has undergone a major renovation in the past 4 years and is expected to re-open with exhibits later in 2010.

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National Park Service Website:


  1. Nice photo!!! I have actually been there, pre-renovations, and found it a wonderful piece of 1930s architecture. How clever to use an old bathhouse for a modern Maritime Museum.

    But the most amazing bit was that the bathhouse and its murals were products of New Deal Works Progress Administration. This short era is my absolute favourite part of American art history.

  2. Thanks for commenting Helen.
    I haven't seen the murals in this building but have seen lots of others this trip to San Francisco