Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hotel Clifton, Miami

Hotel Clifton, MiamiThe Hotel Clifton in Miami South Beach has a very simple streamline facade with virually no decoration.

In fact, there are only two concrete shelves above the ground floor and second storey windows and that is about it.


  1. Deco is largely deco all over the world, but there is something uniquely Miami Beach about these hotels. Even the colours are more maritime than is usual in Deco architecture. Love it!

    I must immediately create a link with

  2. The colours work so well in the heat of Miami so it is funny and sad to see them used in colder climates because they think that is the Deco thing.

  3. This brings back memories of my South Florida days.Love your blog! I'm from Shelby N.C., near Asheville. We have a restoration project going on called "Save the Rogers Theater Project"
    They are competing in the Pepsi Refresh Project. Awesome program!
    I'm the admin for the fan page.I would love for you to view the photos.

    Best to you!
    Shane Combs

  4. Good luck with the SavetheRogersTheater project. Looks like a wonderful building.