Saturday, April 17, 2010

A House in Tulsa

House, TulsaDuring a World Congress on Art Deco you see many buildings and frankly, it is sometimes difficult to remember them all.

This is a house in Tulsa that we visited during the 2001 Congress. I find it difficult to remember anything about this house, it doesn't even look very deco to me.

I reckon this fireplace might of had something to do with why we came to this particular house.

Fireplace, Tulsa


  1. Thanks for dropping by J Bar. Awesome is definitely the word for it.

  2. This is the Adah Robinson Studio in Tulsa, which was one of the earliest buildings by Bruce Goff, built around 1920. Goff isn't really a deco architect - he kind of has a style all his own - but I could see how somebody could see deco elements in it. Goff tended to do very interesting crazy decorative elements like that fireplace.

  3. Thank you. That goes some way towards explaining why we visited this house. We had a specific presentation on Bruce Goff and of course they were both mentioned often for their work around Tulsa including Boston Street Methodist Church.