Saturday, April 24, 2010

former Odeon Theatre, Blackpool

former Odeon Cinema, Blackpool

The Odeon Theatre in Blackpool opened in 1939 and was designed by W Calder Robson and Harry W Weeden.

I caught it at it's lowest ebb in 2000-01 a few years after it had closed but it lives again as Funny Girls, the main venue for a drag show. The photo gallery on their website shows the deco interior in wonderful condition.



  1. Having lived in Blackpool for over 20 years, from 1979, the Odeon was one of the many cinemas Blackpool had that I used to frequent. I still remember the vast foyer on the first floor with it's cool art deco styling. I'm glad to see it is now being used for something other than bingo or a supermarket!

    1. It must have been a fabulous place to see films.

    2. Yes, it was beautiful (even after it was split into three screens in the 70s) because screen one was then the balcony area with the auditorium still intact.