Friday, May 1, 2009

Alexandra Avenue, Rayners Lane

Alexandra Avenue, Rayners LaneThis is the view of Alexandra Avenue from Rayners Lane tube station. In the background you can see the former Grosvenor Cinema, now a Zoroastrian Centre but I am looking at the building in the foreground.

I really like the circular section on the corner and I feel it is a sign of a well designed building that addresses a corner in an interesting way.

I bet the top of that tower offers wonderful 360 degree views over the surrounding area.


  1. Blogging life is full of great coincidences, David. I had been looking at picture theatres and was very interested in Rayners Lane, now the Zoroastrian Centre as you noted. This was the old Grosvenor Cinema 1936, fascinating for both its preserved deco facade and interior (see my post of 7/1/09).

    Joe and I lived in London and Herts for a couple of years, but I didn't remember where Harrow was.

    all the best

  2. The Grosvenor was the resaon I went to Rayner's Lane because I had seen it in a book so it was nice to see another iteresting building almost next door to it.

  3. Apologies to vectr. I accidently deleted your comment. If you are reading this, please re-post I will try not to be such an idiot this time.