Sunday, May 24, 2009

Vredehoek Synagogue, Vredehoek

Vredehoek SynagogueThe Art Deco Architecture Cape Town Map produced by the Cape Art Deco Society includes the former synagogue in Vredehoek.

As you can see, the old synagogue has been deconsecreted, painted red and serves as premises for a variety of commercial ventures.

I wonder what the architect Dr J Ingber would think of his 1938 building with it's current colour scheme.


  1. Great building, David.

    When most synagogues were built in Europe in the later C19th, the architects tried desperately to avoid looking church-like, so they went for the Islamic look, the Greek Temple look or anything they could devise.

    By the time Jewish communities reached South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Canada etc in the early C20th, architects had more choices available to them. This Deco example looks terrific, especially since this version of Deco reminds us of an Islamic structure. But the colours are a bit garish, aren't they?

  2. Yes, you can't miss the building especially since I remember it facing a bend in the road so it pops up in front of you.