Sunday, May 3, 2009

Christian Science Church, Fremantle

Christian Science Church, FremantleAnother deco building occupied by a church.

I don't know if the Christian Science Church in Fremantle have taken over this building or whether they built it and still live there.

It is a shame that their bright white sign blocks most of the glass block window on the curved corner but I suppose even churches need to advertise and this is the view from a major highway. Pity they couldn't find a more sympathetic way to do it.

Christian Science Church, FremantleTheir much more modest (in size) sign on the front of the building is much more in keeping with the overall style of the building. Perhaps this does point to the church being the original occupant.

I do like the bookshelf providing shade above this small window. The stepped supports look chunky for the weight they need to bear but they have enough style to carry it off.

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