Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paul J Rainey Memorial Gateway, Bronx Zoo

Gateway, Bronx ZooPaul Manship sculpted this wonderful array of animals on the Paul J Rainey Memorial Gateway at the Bronx Zoo in 1934.

Bears, birds, antelopes, baboons and a lion, king of the jungle, sitting atop an amazing plant sculpture between the two gates.

Three turtles site on plinths at ground level. The middle one, a favourite with visitors, it's head rubbed smooth from the many hands seeking that touch of luck. It's two companions partially hidden in the foilage so not to attract as much attention.

Turtle, Bronx Zoo Gates

Manship's attention to detail can be seen on the backside of the gates.

Lion's Tail, Bronx Zoo Gates


  1. How magnificent is this gate!

  2. It is a beauty. This was a major stop on the Bronx tour during the World Congress on Art Deco in New York and no doubt they were well worth it.

  3. A few points of response.

    This document ( from the Landmarks Preservation Commission states "... noted American sculptor, Paul Manship, chose a naturalistic style with stylized simplifications so much admired in the '20's and influenced by the French Exposition des Arts Decoratifs" which puts it firmly in the Art Deco definition.

    I don't believe I actually said they were Art Deco in the text and does it really matter.

    Isn't typing comments in CAPS akin to shouting.