Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright Retrospective, Guggenheim

I feel very lucky today.

Flew into New York on Saturday and found out part of the Guggenheim Museum's 50th anniversary they are staging a restrospective exhibition of Frank Lloyd Wright and it opened last Friday.

So I joined the queue at 10am and spent almost 2 hours looking at the original plans of many of Wright's greatest projects, built, demolished and unbuilt.

The plan for the Greater City of Baghdad was amazing, unrealised of course. It was great to see some of the buildings I have been lucky enough to visit such as Price Tower, Fallingwater and the Lloyd Jones house in Tulsa.

The exhibition also had lots of slide shows of many of the buildings during construction.

I highly recommend you visit the exhibition if you get the chance and it is perhaps all the more special that it is being staged in one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most recognisable buildings.


  1. Pea green with envy LOL !

    Looking forward to your pics from this trip,

  2. Trip has been great so far. Seen some fantastic deco buildings. Overnight in Buffalo, NY then onto Canada tomorrow.