Monday, May 25, 2009

BYFAS, Abbotsford

Byfas, AbbotsfordRobin Grow in Melbourne Art Deco features the BYFAS building in Abbotsford as a great example of re-use of an industrial building to meet 21st Century requirements. The 1937 building was designed by Joseph Plottel and was converted into apartments in 2002.

Going under various names incorporating the name Yarra Falls, from which the contraction BYFAS is derived, the building was originally part of a spinning mill and textile production complex.

According to the City of Yarra website parachute silk was manufatured here during WWII.


  1. Hi!!! Very crisp writing yet gives required information. Most important the façade is really amazing and that too for an industrial BYFAS building.

  2. Thank you for you comments, they are much appreciated.

  3. Hi David, I agree, you've described the BYFAS building very well. Living there generates a measure of pride in it. It's a pity that Yarra Council doesn't share your appreciation of its style. We now have a grey concrete and glass office-box on one side & a developer wants to put multi-storey apartments on two other sides. The facade won't change, but it'll lose some of it's sense of style.
    Clive R.

  4. Thanks Clive,
    Yes it is a shame when older buildings get crowded with over-development on the neighbouring blocks.

  5. The BYFAS name comes from its textile heritage operators - Bradford Yarra Falls Austral Silk. The last party were the parachute manufacturers during WWII referred to above.

  6. Thanks. Always happen to receive more info on the previous uses of a building.