Monday, May 4, 2009

Balmoral Hotel, Muizenberg

Balmoral Hotel, MuizenbergThe seaside Cape Town suburb Muizenberg has under gone a renaissance in recent years but even six years ago the Balmoral Hotel looked pretty good.

It's deco heritage is obvious. Twin flagpoles and metal-railed balconies with curved ends. The building itself also has a curved end, probably a flat roof and a series of arches at ground level.

Balmoral Hotel, Muizenberg


  1. I have a picture of my father probably in the late 50's in front of the Balmoral Hotel in a 1953 Chev Pick up filled with fruits and vegetables he sold in the area. I was excited to find that the hotel is beautifully restored. I purchased a 1953 chev pick up and would like to have a full picture of the hotel as it is now to re-create the image of him in the restored Balmoral Hotel.
    My email address is
    Would anyone have a digital image of the hotel it would be greatly appreciated

  2. Sounds like a great picture and a great project to recreate it. Good Luck!

  3. where could i find their telephone number ??

    1. I think it has been converted to apartments.

  4. I have an excellent B/W photo of the Balmoral Hotel which I took in 1949 and I tried to forward it to having read his appeal for this.Unfortunately Daemon Mailer failed
    Perhaps some one receiving this may know how to contact Pjacabos and inform this party.