Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nedlands Park Masonic Hall, Perth

Nedlands Park Masonic HallNedlands Park Masonic Hall served as the meeting place for the Freemanson's University Lodge from 1935 to 2002. It was designed by Western Australian architect William G Bennett.

The building incorporates two shops on the ground floor that could be leased out to raise revenue for the lodge and a public hall which could also be made available for community use.

Register of Heritage Places - Assessment Document - Nedlands Park Masonic Hall, 9 May 2003


  1. This is right near where i work. I noticed it lost a few windows in the hail storms last week. It badly needs a refurbishment.

  2. Yes, it needs a bit of TLC. The Heritage Assessment mentioned the interior being quite good so I hope that is still OK.

  3. Please, no. Perth is too quick to refurbish anything slightly worn.

    Its beauty lies in its natural decay, whilst still maintaining its vintage appeal and dreamy aesthetic.

  4. A bit of natural decay is OK so long as it doesn't develop into 'demolition by neglect'.