Monday, March 1, 2010

Castlemaine Bus Lines, Castlemaine

Castlemaine Bus LinesI love the brickwork on this simple bus depot in Castlemaine.

It is easy to go straight to the roofline, but if you look at ground level, you'll notice the bottom of the wall is made of vari-coloured bricks that are generally darker than the rest of the wall.

Then directly above the windows there are two bands of lighter coloured bricks and finally there are two rows of raised bricks that are, again, lighter in colour campared to the rest of the wall. One sits at the top of the wall while the second, several courses below, mirrors the stepping of the roofline.

Simple elegance.


  1. How super David ... that looks exactly like the Greyhound bus stations all over the USA - minus the blade, of course. Have a look at Norfolk Virginia or Old Clarksdale Ms, for just a couple of examples.

    There must have been something "transporty" about that architectural design.

  2. You're right Helen. I think the streamline look of the buses of the period to make them look slick and fast has been transferred to the architecture of the bus stations.

  3. interesting that they constructed "curves" for the corners of the building

  4. Yes it is a lovely part of the streamline styling that often corners were curved rather than angular.

  5. A bit of an aside but any idea who added the white geometirc designs on the glass of the right hand (as you look at the building) window?

  6. I hope someone out there does Tony because sorry, I haven't a clue.