Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wallis Cinema, Glenelg

Wallis Cinema, GlenelgThe Glenelg Wallis Cinema closed on Sunday 1st February 2009 with a free showing of Gone with the Wind.

The 1937 cinema was designed by Kenneth Milne and in 1971, then called the Ozone, it was purchased by the Wallis family.

Patronage had dropped off since a 30-screen megaplex had been opened at nearby Marion in 1996 eventually making it no longer viable to operate.

A blog post by the Adelaide Chapter of the Art Deco Society around the time the cinema closed indicates it would be incoporated as retail space in a re-developed shopping centre.

Glenelg Cinema Exits the Stage, Guardian Messenger, 29 Jan 2009
More bad/good news, Adelaide Chapter Journal, Art Deco Society, 24 Jan 2009


  1. A rather austere looking building, but very interesting features on the facade. Love the bands around the left and right hand sides of the facade.

  2. Yes, quite understated for a cinema.